M-Racing Volant


M-Racing Volant is first and foremost a story of passion, born from the meeting of Yvan Muller and Laurent Millara.

Their desire: to promote young talents in motor racing and to create for this endurance championship, a tool for the detection of future champions.

It is also an opportunity to access a renowned European Championship.

How does it work?

Registration enables you to take part in a selection day. Following a briefing, you will have 3 practice runs of 7 laps followed by a time-run over 5 laps. The overall best time average of the 3 best laps will be retained.

Following the classification, the 3 best qualifiers for each category (Bronze and Silver) will be selected to take part in the final test laps which will be driving a LMP3 prototype race-car. The finalists will have 2 practice runs over 7 laps followed by a time-run over 5 laps. The best time calculated with the average of the 3 best laps will be retained for the leader and winner of each category.

Rhe race car

The race car available for the winning team for the M-RACING RACE TEAM will be a DUQUEINE D08 LMP3 that responds to the new 2020 regulations and standards. Discover

Registration for 2020

You can already register and contact us. You will then be kept updated on a regular basis until the date of the test-runs.